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This workshop is useful to professionals and managers at all levels and, in particular, to people who deal with customers, suppliers, and service providers. It is also useful to most people in handling their important personal matters like employment, housing, and bank loan contracts. The workshop will provide participants with the required skills to understand the importance of contracts and contracting in business. In addition they will receive samples of different types of contracts and be exposed to case studies and practical real-life techniques in order to develop and execute profitable contracts.

SCHEDULE:  Fridays & Mondays, 6:00-8:30 p.m. (10 hours)
                   June 1, 4, 8, & 11

Day 1
1.  Successful Business Transaction through a Contract
2.  Strategy of a Business Contract
3.  Importance, Parties Involved, Types and Duration of Contracts
Day 2
1.  Contents of a Typical Contract
2.  Business Cycle and Contract Negotiation
Day 3
1.  Contract Negotiation
2.  Contract Implementation
3.  Why Contracts Fail, Consequences
Day 4
1.  Criteria of a Good Contract
2.  Business Success Criteria
3.  Real Life Case Studies   

Mr. Salim J. Ghalayini (B.Elec.Eng., University of Wisconsin; Graduate Studies, University of Wisconsin & American University of Beirut; Executive Development, IBM Management School, Belgium) is a productivity consultant who worked with IBM for over thirty years in more than fifteen countries. His experience and main areas of interest cover business productivity, investment consulting, and human resource management. He has conducted over 80 workshops and seminars in various EMEA countries, written over sixty articles, and has published two books, one on financial investment and the other on human resources.

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