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Six Characters in Search of an Author
On May 4, 5 and 6, 2012, the Haigazian University Actors Club performed the play “Six Characters in Search of an Author” at Babel Theatre, Hamra to an audience of around 500 people.
In brief, it is a metatheatrical play involving a theatre troupe that is in the middle of a rehearsal when they are suddenly interrupted by fictional characters that have jumped from the page and come to life.Loosely based on the script by Nobel Prize-winning, author Luigi Pirandello, numerous changes were made by Director Zeinab Assaf and the eleven students acting in the play, including the addition and removal of various characters, as well as a completely original surprise ending. Ultimately, the dramatic play was turned into something rather on the comic side, while retaining a few of the more sensational scenes.
To retrace the many steps it took to get to this point, one must go back to October 2011, when the students, several of whom had no previous acting experience, joined the Actors Club. This mixed group of students, all coming from different backgrounds and majors, met every Thursday evening and trained in vocal exercises, facial expressions and bodily movements, familiarizing themselves with the stage and with each other. It then took about a month for the script to be completely revised and all the roles to be cast. In the spring semester, the actors, now meeting twice weekly, rehearsed the scenes over and over again, making little adjustments, until each scene was just right. Changes continued to be made even until the day of the performance.
A special feature that distinguished this play from previous productions was the introduction of original music, played on stage by guitarist and student Taimour Shamseddine. The set and costumes were designed byNProdesigns and the project supervisor was Student Resources Coordinator Peggy Bedoyan.
Haigazian University has always been a great supporter of the arts, and it is with their help that students receive the opportunity to grow and experience new things, creating successful theatrical productions consistently, year after year.
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