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"On the Camino": The recent works of Martha Hraoui at Haigazian University
On Wednesday, May 16, 2012, the art exhibition of Martha Hraoui, entitled "On the Camino," opened at the Haigazian University Art Center, the Matossian Gallery.
The exhibition features 45 works of art of various sizes. The art, which has received international acclaim by art critics and the public alike, is achieved through a delicate technique known as “marouflage”, in which the artist requires both speed and precision to attain the desired effect, as the fast drying time does not allow for any modifications.
The artworks in this exhibition are the fruit of Hraoui’s annual pilgrimage along the “Chemin de Compostelle” in Spain and France. According to Hraoui, the Camino is “a sacred journey that inspires a spirit of sharing and communion, a detachment from the material world.” Using warm and vibrant colors to depict her religious theme, the artist reveals the “wonderful sense of peace and serenity” that the Camino has brought her.
Hraoui received her basic education with Boris Novikoff in Beirut, before furthering her studies at the Grande Chaumière and the AcadémieCharpentier in Paris. She has obtained multiple honors and distinctions for her work, including a prize from the France Méditerranée des Beaux Arts au Cercle Inter Allie in 1997. Most notably, one of her works was selected by the French Post and printed on a pre-stamped envelope ready to post.
Hraoui splits her time between Lebanon and France, where she lives and works in an art studio designated by the city of Paris.
Her works of art have been exhibited across the globe, in Mexico, Brazil, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, France, Spain, Switzerland and Syria, as well as Greece and Cyprus.
"On the Camino" is in course until May 31, 2012.
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