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Armenian Paintings, from the Beginning till the Present by Mayda Saris
Beirut, 26/03/2006

Armenian Paintings
From the Beginning till the Present

During her very short visit to Beirut, the Cultural Hour at Haigazian University, in cooperation with the Hamazkaine Cultural Association, succeeded to organize an informative gathering with researcher and art critic Mayda Saris of Istanbul, Turkey, on her new release "Armenian Paintings: From the Beginning till the Present."
Saris acknowledged the interest in her book of the Armenians in the Diaspora in general, and the Lebanese Armenian public in particular, thanking her publisher Agos, and promising the audience with more releases related to contemporary Armenian paintings and artists.
The Dean of Arts and Sciences, Dr. Arda Ekmekji, through the aid of a power point presentation, briefly covered the book, concentrating on the most important paintings and artists.
Saris'' work is considered a groundbreaking book, since it''s the first of its kind in the entire corpus of the Armenian art publications that explores the Armenian art from Antiquity to modern times.
In the book, Saris gives the reader a comprehensive but brief overview about the origin of the Armenian people, their folklore, faith, lifestyle, culture and art which have been the source of inspiration for Armenian artists, architects, in short the men and women of the art.
By reading the book, one can conclude that obviously the works of the Armenian painters are not only a part of the Armenian culture, but also a part of the culture of countries they lived in. Moreover, they are a part of the world culture where they create their works addressing the feelings of modern humanity as well as many traditional themes.
Saris considers the Armenian artists not duly recognized in their native countries. According to her, "there was a big void to be filled?that should have been the moral obligation of the Armenians of Turkey."
Well, "Armenian Paintings: From the Beginning till the Present," did fill that void and fulfilled part of that moral obligation.
At the end of the presentation, the audience proceeded to the Mugar building where Mayda Saris signed her books.

Mira Yardemian
Public Relations Director

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