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Dr. Henry Rempel on “Sacred Values: the Soul of Economic Justice”
On May 17 Henry Rempel, Professor Emeritus at the University of Manitoba, presented a public lecture at Haigazian University: Sacred Values: the Soul of Economic Justice.  The lecture derived an understanding of economic justice by drawing on core values inherent to dominant cultures in Lebanon and the surrounding Region.
With religion understood as a primary pillar within culture, the lecture drew on four values from the Christian and Islamic religious traditions.  These values are: human dignity has been bestowed on each person by our Creator; to be human is to live within community; work is to be a form of creative participation within society; and conflicts need to be transformed to make peace and justice possible.
The question and answer session that followed focused on the means for realizing these values given the political, social and economic systems in place at this time.  Within the University, applying these sacred values will require breaking free from the narrow ways in which disciples are defined currently.  Increased openness will call for more inter-disciplinary approaches in both research and course instruction.
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