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Teacher Training Program Graduation at Haigazian University
The In-service Teacher Training Program at Haigazian University held its annual commencement on Friday, June 22nd, among an audience of relatives, friends and colleagues of graduates.
A group of seven teachers received their diplomas from the hands of HU president, Rev. Dr. Paul Haidostian. Six graduates received the ‘Diploma for Coordinators and Division Heads’. The other graduates received the ‘In-service Teacher Training Certificate’.
The guest speaker, Mrs. Rana Ismail, Principal of Al-Kawthar Secondary School, Al-Mabarrat Association, pointed out that “we are facing great educational challenges that make the need to improve teacher preparation programs all the more urgent. Drop-out rates of students from schools are increasing, which raises the issue of whom would inspire children to stay in school and make a difference in our world other than well trained and experienced teachers?”
After the ceremony the graduates were congratulated by their families and friends.

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