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Haigazian University: Launching of the Blackboard Learning System
Beirut, 06/04/2006

Haigazian University: Launching of the Blackboard Learning System

Haigazian University has recently launched the Networked Learning Environment, in particular, the Blackboard Learning System. In today''s environment, institutions are under increasing pressure to demonstrate educational outcomes, to tailor instruction to meet the specific learning needs of different students and to foster active learning. Effective use of technology is a key means addressing these challenges.

The systems allows any student or teacher to view instructional content, collaborate with educators, evaluate academic performance and access any learning resource at any time in order to achieve their educational objectives.

IT director of Haigazian University, Mr. Moufid Alam, said that, "this Networked Learning Environment will enable Haigazian University to realize important benefits, such as student-centered learning, greater instructor efficiency, anytime anywhere access, improved evaluation and outcomes management and access to high quality learning content."

Mira Yardemian
Public Relations Director

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