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(7/19/2012 11:59 AM):

“The 21st Century Teacher” program offers two types of courses. ‘Topics of Interest’ cover up-to-date topics and help teachers upgrade their teaching knowledge and skills. ‘Refreshers’ cover teaching basics, which are of benefit to new teachers and others who wish to refresh their teaching. All courses have a practical component.
Certificates are given.

Topics of Interest
Up-to-date topics to help teachers upgrade their teaching knowledge and skills
Courses vary from 12 to 20 hours.

 21st Century Learners in the Classroom
 Active Learning
 Become Strategic Readers
 Brain-based Teaching 
 Building Character in the Classroom
 Children’s Literature
 Children’s Rights in the Classroom
 Classroom Assessment in the 21st Century
 Creating Quality Learning Environments in ECE
 Creative Writing in the Language Classroom
 Curriculum Mapping
 Dealing with Behavioral Problems
 Differentiation of Instruction: Practical Strategies
 Differentiation of Instruction: The Learning-centered
 Emotional Intelligence in the Classroom
 Gifted Students
 Health and Physical Education
 How to Handle Difficult Students
 How to Handle the Special Needs Student
 Integrating English, Math, and Science
 Integrating New Technologies into Learning
 Introduction to the Montessori Method
 Investigate Problems in Your Own Classroom
 Memory Strategies for Students
 Motivating Students
 Planning the Children's Program in ECE
 Problem-based Learning
 Project-based Learning
 Six Traits of Writing
 Skills for Better Learning
 Teaching for Multiple Intelligences
 Teaching “Outside the Box”
 Teaching Reading in Elementary Classes
 Teaching Reading in Preschool
 The Integrated Curriculum
 Using Manipulatives in Teaching Math
 Using Songs in Teaching English
 Working with Families

Teaching basics for new teachers and others who wish to refresh their teaching
Courses vary from 15 to 20 hours.

 Assessment and Evaluation in Education
 Child Development in the Early Years
 Child Development: Learning and Motivation
 Classroom Management
 Lesson Planning
 Teaching Strategies
 Teaching Arabic in the Classroom
 Teaching English in the Classroom      
 Teaching Math in the Classroom
 Teaching Science in the Classroom

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