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Beirut, April 6, 2006


On April the 6th, during the Cultural Hour at Haigazian University, Mrs. Naila Takieddine Kaidbey delivered a lecture on Beirut in the 18th century.

Dr. Kaidbey presented her lecture based on the work of a Christian Orthodox historian Abd Allah Ibn Mikha''il Ibn Trad al-Bayruti, who had explored several of these issues in a work entitled: A History of the Bishops appointed to the Honorable Episcopate of Beirut.
According to this historian, Beirut in the late 18th, early 19th centuries was subject to political, economic and social uncertainties that prevailed in urban centers in Syria.
He examined briefly the factional crisis, religious dissension, epidemics, economic fluctuations, and the injustice of administrators in Beirut from a Christian Orthodox perspective.
Kaidbey considers Trad an eyewitness to most events, a valuable source for the general history of Beirut and the Orthodox community in particular. In light of his analysis of events and his search for plausible explanations of their consequences, Kaidbey concluded that Abdullah Ibn Trad al-Bayruti can be appreciated not only as a chronicler, but another historian of the 19th century Lebanon.

Mira Yardemian
Public Relations Director
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