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Beirut, 04/05/2006

U.S. Ambassador to Lebanon Jeffrey Feltman: We applaud Haigazian's role as a strong voice for American values, for freedom and democracy, education and service.

On May, 1, 2006, after completing a successful day of meetings with the Board of Trustees, during which the future academic and development plans of the university were discussed, the president of Haigazian University, Rev. Dr. Paul Haidostian hosted a special dinner of fellowship in hotel Le Bristol, Hamra.

In attendance were the U.S. Ambassador to Lebanon, Jeffrey Feltman, the Ambassador of the Republic of Armenia, Vahan Der Ghevontian and his spouse, the Public Affairs Officer of the US Embassy, Juliet Wurr, the Executive Director of the Armenian Missionary Association of America, Andrew Torigian, the President of the Union of the Armenian Evangelical Churches in the Near East, Rev. Megrdich Karagoezian, members of the board, and the academic and administrative leadership of the University.

During dinner, President Haidostian acknowledged the vigorous efforts of the Board members, the support and friendship of the US Embassy, as he congratulated the Armenian Ambassador for his appointment to Lebanon.

"In our consciousness, the USA denotes a people, a system, a tradition, a set of values, a heritage of virtues, where voluntarism, philanthropy, respect for life, critical thinking and democracy are taught for the benefit of all, especially the underprivileged ones of this world?In fact, the Armenian experience of suffering, coupled with the American outlook created a strong foundation for an educational system at Haigazian", said Haidostian during his address.

Ambassador Feltman was struck by the real family spirit of the evening, as he considered the event a celebration of Armenians, Lebanese and Americans gathered for the sake of Haigazian University.
During his speech, Feltman expressed his admiration of Haigazian University in promoting a tolerant, multi-confessional society, respectful of the rights of minorities. Moreover, he
applauded Haigazian's role as a strong voice for American values, for freedom and democracy, education and service.
"The long-term, non-negotiable commitment of the United States to Lebanon remains as strong and vibrant as ever?The ties between the American and Lebanese people span generations and are sustained by mutual affection. As U.S. Ambassador to Lebanon, I am proud to affirm the commitment of the United States to Lebanon and to pledge America's support to Lebanon and the Lebanese people today, tomorrow and in the future, to build and support a secure, sovereign, democratic, united and prosperous Lebanon", noted Feltman upon concluding his speech.

The Haigazian University Women's Auxiliary (LA), represented by its chairwoman Joyce Stein and 3 other members, donated a generous amount of USD100,000 towards the funding of the new building project of the University.
On accepting the donation, the president expressed his gratitude by presenting the ladies a plaque which acknowledged the auxiliary's 43-year unconditional dedication in supporting needy Haigazian students.

Mira Yardemian
Public Relations Director
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