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50th Anniversary Celebrations: Student Art Exhibition
In line with the Haigazian University 50th anniversary celebrations, and under the auspices of the Minister of Youth and Sports, Dr Sebouh Hovnanian, the Student Art Exhibition opened on February the 8th at 5:00 pm in the Arthur Matossian gallery of the Mugar Building.

The opening of the exhibition attracted a good number of officials and ordinary people intrigued to peep into the world of the youth.

In attendance were several Armenian deputies, former Lebanese deputies, other governmental and diplomatic officials, along with many faculty, staff and students. 

The President Haidostian delivered a short speech, in which he heartfully greeted the audience and stressed "the role the students themselves play in the life of Haigazian". 

The exhibition featured a great diversity of works, 40 paintings and drawings prepared by 15 students, and numerous sculptures, potteries, ceramics and textile accomplished by the Arts and Crafts club. 

As the President pointed out in his word, the students involved are not majoring in arts, but instead in Business, Biology, Education, Psychology, Economics and Mathematics. This made their work more appreciable as it was commented in the news of a local television station, Future TV, which was covering the whole event. 

In a short interview with the reporter of the TV station, students explained the theme of their paintings, in addition to their feelings, states of mind and inspiration that has driven them in accomplishing a particular painting, from conception of the idea till the final realization of the work.

All participants are thankful for their efforts and contribution, Arin Ayanian, Araz Keuroghlian, Maria Tenbelian, Liza Atmajian, Antranig Keurkunian, Seta Doudaklian, Lily Melki, Arin Tchekidjian, Mher Kalenderian, Anahid Babayan, Noushig Shanlian, Thia Sagherian, Rana Merhi, Nora Mardirossian, and Satenik Aghassian who was awarded top and first prize for the Inter University Student Drawing Competition organized by the Russian Cultural Center in Beirut in late May 2003.

Last but not least, special thanks and a word of appreciation go to the Arts and Crafts Club and their advisor Ms. Roula Halabi who played a major role in turning this event to a real success. 

Be posted, further successes are on the way? 

Mira Yardemian
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