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We began with one course for school teachers in October 1993 – the beginning of the IN-SERVICE TEACHER TRAINING PROGRAM. The ADULT EDUCATION PROGRAM started in 1996 with a variety of evening classes – business , computers, and general interest topics.

There have been over 200 graduates of the In-service Teacher Training Program. Some 600 other teachers have attended courses and thousands have attended short workshops at Haigazian. Workshops given on-site at schools have also reached teachers in various parts of Lebanon. All these teachers are contributing to the improvement of education in Lebanese schools.
The Adult Education Program has served about 1200 people through courses, training sessions, and workshops. Many of the 250 people who have earned diplomas, mostly in different fields of business, have gone on to apply their knowledge and skills at work. Others have enjoyed general interest classes.
We’re planning a 20th anniversary reception in June – more information coming in the spring!
Center for Continuing Education (College Building, Room 204)
Telephone: 01-353010/1/2 or 01-349230/1  Ext. 354
Facebook: CCE Haigazian

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