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Autism Awareness Month at Haigazian University

Autism Awareness Month at Haigazian University

Every April, organizations and institutions around the globe prepare a series of events dedicated to the World Autism Awareness Month. Haigazian University has joined this worldwide campaign with a series of activities committed to raising awareness about the neurodevelopmental disorder.

        The first activity launched by the Social & Behavioral Sciences Society at HU was an autism cake sale and Blue Ribbon campaign. Cupcakes, especially designed with a blue puzzle-piece (in reference to the “puzzling” nature of autism), were sold to the students and blue ribbons, autism-awareness symbols, were distributed to all students, staff and faculty throughout the day. The campaign also involved awareness posters as well as an effort by SBSS students to answer questions and dispel common misconceptions about the disorder.
       This was followed by a specialized presentation on Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), one of the most efficient modern therapies for autism, given by Dr. Chafika Gharbieh, an expert of ABA. Well received by all psychology and education students on campus, the presentation was concluded with a gift of appreciation for Dr. Gharbieh, who in turn expressed her gratitude to HU for contributing in the awareness-raising campaign for autism.
       The final event in the series was a general Autism-Awareness lecture presented by guest speaker Mrs. Arwa Halaweh, President of Lebanese Autism Society, who shared her personal account of the impact of autism on her own family. As the lecture attracted many students and faculty, Mrs Halaweh was deeply touched by HU’s concern for autism, and much appreciated the gift that was offered to her by SBSS students.
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