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Haigazian University Recognizes 10 Graduating Students
Haigazian University Recognizes 10 Graduating Students

On June the 21st, 2006, the Haigazian University Student Life Office recognized 10 graduating students, for being the best contributors to the culture of the university, represented in its motto of Truth, freedom and Service, in the presence of the University President, deans, and parents.

These students have been aware of the moral values of the University motto, during their 4 years of study, and were very instrumental in applying them in their everyday life.

Michel Majdalani (Student of the Year), Roubina Karaminassian, Raffi Feghali, Sami Heneine, Rami Massoud, Karen Abou Ammo, Mohammad Fakhoury, Mohammad Khaled Kassem, Garen Darakjian, and Michael Vahejian, all shared the following common characteristics:
Endurance: They have been supportive, active, and contributing to the University culture from the very first day of their enrollment.
Giving: These students have learned that it?s only by giving that they can take, and grow.
Receptive and eager to change: These students have undergone a process of natural socialization which widened their horizon and broadened their perception of the world.

In his word, the Director of Student Life, Mr. Antranig Dakessian expressed his gratitude and satisfaction to the parents: "Indeed, dear parents, we have seen their very first steps into this university, and have followed their steps into experience, building up social skills, and self-confidence. We have seen them change, develop and excel. Their excellence has made us feel accomplished", said Dakessian.

The president of the University, Rev. Dr. Paul Haidostian thanked the parents and families for sharing their children''s gifts, noting that most of these gifts young ones should owe their parents.
"Parents are very much in the picture and behind the scenes. Through the years of emotional, physical, financial, social sacrifice, and investment, they have been there since the birth of these young people. Now what parents want to have is a sense of fulfillment", said Haidostian.

Afterwards, the Students Resource Coordinator, Ms Peggy Bedoyan, and the Assistant Student Life Director, Mr. Alan Keyrouz, presented the aforementioned students and their activities through the aid of a slide show.

Towards the end, recognition tokens were distributed to honored students, and a reception followed.

Mira Yardemian
Public Relation Director

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