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Haigazian University's 46th Commencement Ceremonies
Haigazian University's 46th Commencement Ceremonies

On Friday, June the 30th, 2006, Haigazian University graduated 111 students, in the First Armenian Evangelical Church courtyard, Beirut.

The ceremony honored 101 students from the faculties of Business Administration and Economics, Humanities, Sciences, and Social and Behavioral Sciences with the BA and BS degrees, and 10 students with the Masters degree.

Among a capacity audience, were present Former Minister Wadih El Khazen, representing the President of the Republic, Minister of Administrative Reform, Jean Oghassabian, representing the Prime Minister, and MP. Kassem Hachem, representing the House Speaker, the Armenian Ambassador, Vahan Der Ghevontian, in addition to a number of deputies, former ministers, clergy, university representatives, diplomats, members of the Board of Trustees, parents and fellow students.

The ceremony started as Faculty and Graduates marched through the crowd of parents, relatives and friends in a remarkable processional march, followed by the National Anthem, and the Invocation by the Campus Minister, Rev. Nishan Bakalian.

President Haidostian welcomed the audience, and in his trilingual speech, expressed his joy in harvesting a new generation of graduates.
"It is a joy to have as wings our graduating students through whom a university can fly. It is an imperative to have as backbone our core faculty, and as limbs our staff?It is a duty to have as quality assurers, the community around us, as officials, supporting bodies, friends and families?It is our utmost calling, to have as our reason for existence open skies of the creator in whose grace all goodness abounds", Haidostian noted.
Talking about the future, Haidosted added that "we are all proud of a rich past heritage: but heritage should be an empowering factor for the future?The future needs not only foundations, but the right commitments, the right energy, the right zeal, the right orientation, the right spirit and the right education."

The distinguished guest speaker, Dr. Aram Chobanian, President Emeritus of Boston University, indicated to the students that as they are among the best and brightest of their generation, much will be expected of them. As they will become trustees of the future, they will need to think about the tremendous global changes that will take place during their lifetimes.
"Scarcities, extreme poverty, hunger, and illiteracy will provide a fertile environment for violence, terrorism, religious fanaticism, dictatorships and wars", Chobanian stated.
On another note, Chobanian explained that affluence, can also lead to problems. For example, in countries such as the US, the excessive use natural resources, the depletion of the forests, and the heavy use of fuel, place the our eco-systems under stress.
Taking all these into consideration, Chobanian put on the graduates a moral responsibility for the betterment of society, asking them to be involved, to set their goals high, to pursue their dreams and passions, and to never fear of failure.

Afterwards, Registrar Roubina Artinian and Deans Dr. Fadi Asrawi and Dr. Arda Ekmekji presented the graduates to receive their degrees from President Haidostian.

In their valedictorian addresses, Tamar Tamoukian, speaking in English, acknowledged how has Haigazian University shaped her life and character, transforming her into a more responsible and self-confident person, and Omar Sukarieh, speaking in Arabic, said that he and his fellow students are on the verge of entering a new episode in their lives. He made everyone sure, that they will always try to succeed as their hearts are filled with hope and faith.

After singing the Alma Mater, the ceremony was concluded with the Benediction given by the President of the Union of the Armenian Evangelical Churches in the Near East, Rev. Meguerdich Karageozian.

The class of 2006, threw their caps and walked heads high with a unique recessional, while celebratory balloons flew high in the skies.

Mira Yardemian
Public Relations Director

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