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Orientation Day for New Students
On Monday the 18th of September, 2006, Haigazian University welcomed around 102 incoming students who underwent a thorough Orientation Program during 2 full days.

During the opening ceremony, and after the Lebanese National Anthem and the Haigazian Alma Mater, Rev. Nishan Bakalian, the Campus Minister, warmly welcomed the new comers, and assured them that all Haigazian University staff and faculty are there in their service.

President Dr. Paul Haidostian introduced the students to the Haigazian culture which is based on its motto: Truth, Freedom and Service. Moreover, he stressed on the values of Haigazian University: "what is rewarded most at Haigazian is the spirit of respect, eagerness to learn, an attitude of service to others near and far, and interest in developing leadership abilities, and seriousness in all your endeavors".

The Dean of faculty of Arts and Sciences, Dr. Arda Ekmekji highlighted the advantages of the Liberal Arts Education. Moreover, she considered that HU provides its students an "education with pulse", which endows the student with a rounded education, global vision and wide panorama. Furthermore, she encouraged the students to engage in critical thinking, criticizing, giving opinions and making decisions.

The Dean of Business Administration and Economics, Dr. Fadi Asrawi read 2 letters from former students, thanking Haigazian for equipping them to perform excellent jobs. He also explained that the curriculum and the extra curricular activities at Haigazian equip students in logical thinking, analytical skills, and persuasive communication. On the other hand, he emphasized the role of leadership in professional domains.

The Student Life Director, Mr. Antranik Dakessian invited the students to be active members in the numerous clubs at Haigazian. This will positively channel students' energy, providing them with social and interactive skills.

Finally, the Director of the Orientation Program, Dr. Berge Traboulsi considered the program as a key to University success, since it helps new students through a time of transition and change in terms of social, cultural, and academic education. Moreover, he encouraged them to understand, respect and tolerate diversity and to develop good habits.

Finally, the new students who are joining the various Faculties of Haigazian University, attended sessions on relevant topics such as Academics (e.g., advising, teaching, learning, etc.), self-awareness and university counseling; research and library use, Internet and Blackboard, etc. Moreover, they obtained useful information and skills related to the habits of the mind, they found out how to get involved in the non-academic side of university life, and had a chance to discuss issues of common interest.

Mira Yardemian
Public Relations Director
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