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Celebration of Founders' Day at Haigazian University
Celebration of Founders' Day at Haigazian University
Monday, October 16, 2006

After the Lebanese anthem and an invocation by the Campus Minister Rev. Nishan Bakalian, those participating in the celebration of the Founders' Day at Haigazian University received a call to find a balanced life amidst the imbalance our country and the world at large is experiencing these days.

The call came on Monday, October 16, 2006 at noon from the President of Haigazian University, who addressed students, staff & faculty who had gathered to remember the founders, who had the vision and commitment to establish this unique institution of higher learning.

President Paul Haidostian's message also stated that, other than the Baccalaureate Service & Commencement exercises, the Founders' Day was the most significant event during the whole academic year, because it tells us all why we are here; it reminds us of who made it possible for our university to exist and it allows us to move forward. Talking about the need for a balanced leadership and finding a balance, Dr. Haidostian said, "Education should help us find the balance between the rebel and the conformist inside us, between the egocentric part and the exocentric in each of us."

"One does not need to be a prophet to know that the future of Lebanon and of the whole world will be threatened by imbalance, unbalanced perspectives, unbalanced power struggles, unbalanced views of the other, unbalanced representations of religion, add to that an increase in problems of emotional, physical, and ecological imbalance," he added.

After being introduced by Mr. Antranig Dakessian, the Student Life Director, Michel Majdalani, Student of the Year 2006, addressed the audience with a word, in which he acknowledged that Haigazian University had enriched him with lifelong friends with whom "I spent the most beautiful days of my university life" as he said. Calling Student Life at Haigazian the "student door to experience and success", Majdalani urged his fellow-students to enjoy the opportunities at Haigazian University and to transmit its culture to the society around and the future generations.

An informative audio-visual presentation about the founders & the founding of the University was presented by Mrs. Maria Bakalian.

The program of the celebration ended with the HU Alma Mater.

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