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Alumni Gathering

Friday, October 27, 2006

On Friday, October 27, 2006, there was excitement in the air as Haigazian University alumni, deans, faculty and staff gathered in the Auditorium in response to President Rev. Dr. Paul Haidostian's invitation. As they entered they watched a slide show of the photos taken during the 50th Anniversary Alumni Garden Event.

After the welcoming word of the President, about 130 alumni watched an audio-visual presentation, "Tribute to Founders."

President Haidostian highlighted the areas of growth that Haigazian University has been witnessing in terms of staff, faculty, student numbers, financial aid grant amount, campus space and the IT Department. Towards the end of his speech, President Haidostian announced the formation of the Alumni Advisory Committee: Joseph Ashjian (class of 1973), Mr. Bashar Ladki (class of 1974), Mr. Hisham Abou Jaoude (class of 1993), Mr. Zeron Aintablian (class of 1997), Ms. Salpi Jalian (class of 1999) and Ms. Dima Al-Hakim (class of 2004). This Committee will assist the President's Office for the coming year in organizing alumni data and activities.

The unveiling of the 'Alumni Plaque' followed the President's word, in the lobby of the Philibossian Buidling (Admissions floor). The curtain covering the plaque that carries the signatures of those present at the 50th Anniversary Alumni Event on June 27, 2005 was opened by Setrag Topalian (class of 1962) and Michel Majdalani (class of 2006). Then all those present joyfully witnessed the opening of the "Quad," a new plot which is designed to provide space for the students until the renovation of the new heritage building on May Ziadeh street starts.

Afterwards the alumni enjoyed a time of fellowship, hoping to remain connected with each other and their alma mater.
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