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Human Rights Training Course at Haigazian University
Haigazian University and the Foundation for Human & Humanitarian Rights (Lebanon) have jointly organized a training course on human rights for the benefit of the Makhzoumi Foundation. The Course took place in Haigazian University on 27-28 October 2006 with 19 participants.

Participants came from diverse backgrounds, students, lawyers, political activists, Makhzoumi Foundation employees as well as beneficiaries of previous training courses organized by the Makhzoumi Foundation.

At the opening, the President of Haigazian University highlighted the achievements of the Haigazian University after 52 years of existence, with special focus on the student life at all levels. The Foundation for Human & Humanitarian Rights (Lebanon) was the implementing agency responsible for providing the training and the teaching material as well as arranging for the logistics. Lectures were given by Foundation members Wa'il Kheir, Dr. Berge Traboulsi, and Eliane Masry, in both languages Arabic and English. At the end of the course, each participant was given a certificate of attendance in the closing ceremony.

In conclusion, a special word of thanks to all persons who made this course a success, in particular the Haigazian University for providing premises and the Makhzoumi Foundation for providing the target group.
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