Student Testimonials
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Student Testimonials


As a Syrian, I never felt left out or away from home when I first came to Haigazian University. The warm welcome I received from the staff and students here brought more joy into the college experience than anything else. As a Political Science student, I soon became an active Student Life member, be it in humanitarian or sports clubs. This helped me develop my personality, and because of those clubs, I was able to boost my self-esteem and leadership skills, and soon became an active participant in serving society. The skills and experiences I've acquired at Haigazian will stay a part of me forever.

Elie Bahhadi


I know that people use the word “home” a lot to describe places they love to be. And even though the word itself is sometimes overstated, overused, I’ve never felt more at home anywhere my whole life. At Haigazian I was taught to dream, to be curious, to appreciate things, and to speak up, that there’s always someone there listening. At Haigazian I was never a number, I was me, and I was taught to live, to be excited for tomorrow, because better things are yet to come.  
They say that an undergraduate degree only teaches you to write, think, speak, and communicate, but it builds up so much of who you are in the process, and Haigazian watched me grow into the person I am today.
My life at Haigazian is not over. For the people I met here that became such a big part of my life, for the faculty that gave me a realistic image of what it’s like out there in the real world, and for the Student Life activities at Haigazian that gave me so much to remember, I am forever grateful.

Patil Dedeyan  


The years I spent at Haigazian were definitely the best of my life. I chose to do my undergraduate education at Haigazian University because it is one of the oldest and most reputable universities in Lebanon. On the academic level, Haigazian has the best professors. At Haigazian, they give their best to provide better education, and they always motivate their students and help them understand the market before graduating so they will be ready to face the market's challenges after graduation. On the personal level, my engagement in Student Life activities at HU helped me develop my skills, adapt to pressure, discover my abilities, and understand the true meaning of leadership and the importance of team work. The experience I gained helped me grow and overcome many challenges and difficulties. Also, being part of Haigazian's dormitory made this university become literally my home and my family. My experience at HU cannot be forgotten, the great people I met, the best friends I made, every moment is unforgettable. 

Manar M. Hammoud 


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