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Lipananahay Kirke 1894-2012 Madenakidagan Tsang is the title of the latest book published by the Haigazian University Press on the occasion of the 500th anniversary of Armenian publishing. The book lists all the books published in Armenian in Lebanon as of 1894, the date of the first Armenian book published in Lebanon. It includes as well all Turkish language books written in the Armenian alphabet that have been published in Lebanon. A total of 6300 books are listed in some 430 pages.
The book is the result of two years of research that included a comprehensive check of the card catalogues of the Haigazian University Derian Armenological Library, the Armenian section of the St. Joseph University Bibliotheque Oriental, the Madenatarans of both the Cilician Catholicosate and Zemmar Monastery as well as the library of the Hamazkayin Melanchton and Haig Arslanian College.
This unprecedented bibliography gives a general overview of the Armenian publication effort in Lebanon. It is a rich source for researchers on the history of Lebanese Armenian printing, publishers, series, and printing houses, childrens’ books, genocide memoires, Lebanese Armenian literature, school textbooks, etc.
The book does not include a list of Lebanese Armenian newspapers, magazines, flyers and newsletters, events booklets and brochures, or church pocket calendars.
The list is alphabetical. Each paragraph states the author/editor/narrator of the book and its title as well as the publisher, series, printing house, place and date of publication, number of pages and whether it has pictures/maps.
The authors of Lipananahay Kirke 1894-2012 Madenakidagan Tsang believe there might be a number of books missing and some incorrect data. They expect those interested in Armenian book history to make valuable additions to the book by contacting the authors.
The book is published by the Haigazian University’s 500th Anniversary Armenian Printing Committee and the Armenian Diaspora Research Center.
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