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The Haigazian Herald, HU's student produced newspaper, publishes articles by students, faculty, staff, as well as different expert guest articles.

The topics included cover a broad range, from reporting about HU events, to topics of general concern, to random global issues, to creative writing and poetry. Herald also publishes pieces submitted by HU Alumni.

Basically, anyone can submit articles for print, and if they meet the paper’s standards, then we'll definitely accept them, regardless of whether the "submitter" is a Haigazian Herald staff member or not; you actually don't even have to be a student! For more details, click here.

Due to increasing demand by community members, and especially overseas alums, issues of the Herald are available online now. Simply click on the issue you want, and you'll have a PDF version of it.

Herald Vol XXV Dec16

Herald Vol XXIII N.2 Apr14

Herald Vol XX1 N.1 Mar13

Herald Vol XIX N.1 Dec10

Herald Vol XVII N.2 Jun09

Herald Vol XVII N.1 Dec08

Herald Vol XVI N.3 July08

Herald Vol XVI N.2_Apr08

Herald Vol XVI N.1_Dec07

Herald Vol XV N.4_Jun07

Herald Vol XV N.3_Mar07

Herald Vol XV N.2_Dec06

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