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Hadjno Herosamardi 90Amyagi Kidajoghovi Nuter yev Vaverakrer oo Lusanegarner (The proceedings of the conference dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the defense of Hadjin: documents and photographs) is the title of the latest book published by the Haigazian University Press. The book comprises the papers of the scholars who participated in the conference held at Haigazian University and dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the Hadjin defense. These are: Prof. Gerard Chaliand’s “Hadjin: Better Die as Warriors”; Dr. Haroutioun Kevorkian’s “The Deportations of Hadjin in 1915”;  Aharon Shekherdemian’s “Hadjin and the Deportations”, Dr. Yeghig Djeredjian’s “The Rebellious Spirit of Hadjintsis”, Dr. Vahe Tachjian’s “From Damascus to Hadjin (1919-1921): The Road of Repatriation, Rebuilding and Martyrdom”, Aram Arkun’s “Attempts to Punish Perpetrators of the Genocide in Hadjin”, and Dr. Antranig Dakessian’s “Some Demographic Notes Based on the Wedding, Baptismal and Burial Registers of the Surp Kevork Church of Nor Hadjin (1930-2009)”.
The book is rich in documents and photos related to the old and new history of Hadjin and Hadjintsis. Some examples are the official recognition of the Compatriotic Union of Hadjin in Beirut, the official naming of the Nor Hadjin Quarter in Beirut, the official naming of the Nor Hadjin town in Soviet Armenia in 1958, the announcements of the Cilicia newspapers of the fall of Hadjin, the by-laws of the Hadjin compatriotic unions in Adana (1919), Beirut (1949, 1952) and Buenos Aires (1961, 2009), several family and school pictures and a short bibliography on books related to Hadjin.
This hard cover book of 230 pages was compiled and edited by Dr. Antranik Dakessian of the HU Armenian Diaspora Research Center.
For order requests email: HUPress@haigazian.edu.lb; info@hadjen.org
Copyright 2013 by Haigazian University Press
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