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Ummatan Qaribatan…Jaran Ba’idan (Two Close Peoples…Two Distant Neighbors) is the title of this book by the late Hrant Dink, which was translated into Arabic from Turkish and published by the Haigazian University Press in 2012.
Translated by Dr. Alexander Keshishian, the book – in its 155 pages – is a compilation of a number of daring essays written by Hrant Dink, the one-time editor-in-chief of the Istanbul-based Agos Armenian magazine.
Dink, a peacemaker and scholar, was a champion of the normalization of Armenian-Turkish relations. His editorials in Agos covered the Armenian Genocide extensively and ways to address this human catastrophe, which was perpetrated by the Ottoman state and the CUP-led government during WWI.
The original version of the book was published in Istanbul in Turkish. It provoked anger and hatred which eventually led to Dink paying with his life.
The Arabic version includes an introduction, an essay on the not-too-distant history of Turkish-Armenian relations, the reasons for the lack of any current relations between the two, and tracks that should be followed to overcome the hindrances. The book ends with three appendices on Armenian identity, calls from the Republic of Armenia to overcome the past, and Dink’s two interviews.
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