Actors Club
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Actors Club

(Founded 1966)

Description: The Club cultivates and develops acting talent; it helps students experience acting in public plays, under the supervision of a professional director.

Objectives: To build friendly relations between students, to help students recognize their acting potential, to promote theatre culture and to entertain the university community and public.

Guidelines: The Club functions with the guidance of an instructor or a director..

Past Achievements:  The Club has staged eleven public performances:

                                         "Funny Money" (2014),

                                         "The Odd Couple" (2013), 

​                                         “Six Characters Looking For an Author” (2012), 

                                         “The Dinner Party” (2011), 

                                         “We Won’t Pay!” (2010),

                                         “Rumors” (2008), “Noises Off” (2007),

                                         “Arb3a Lawannous” (2006),

                                         “Come Back Tomorrow” (2005),

                                         “Antigone” (2004),

                                         “Hello Out There” (2001)

In 2014 the club received "The Most Outstanding Performance of The Year" award.

Upcoming Event(s): Staging of a ne​​​​w play, participation in international theater festivals and inter-university festivals in Lebanon.

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