Enrollment Day
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Enrollment Day
The Traditional Annual Enrollment Day is a sort of a fair, organized on the university campus to acquaint new HU students to the dynamic life of the university, of the clubs, the societies and the sports teams and their past achievements. It is an initial step that enables them to mingle with the old students. It is a venue to invite the new students to join in the diverse clubs and sports teams of the university.

The Enrollment Day is organized at the beginning of the academic year, whereby all clubs and sports teams promote their activities and try to recruit newly enrolled students to their clubs and teams. During Enrollment Day each club informs the new members on the date of the first meeting of the Club for the election of the chairperson, representative and secretary of the Club. In case of the teams, the new athletes are informed on the dates of the practice sessions, get acquainted.
New students are expected to join any Club through registering their names during the Enrollment Day.

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