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Town & Departmental Hall Meetings
(SINCE 1998)

In order to further consolidate the democratic atmosphere in the university, the Student Life Board (SLB) organizes Town and Departmental Hall meetings. The Town Hall meetings are meant to further improve the relationship between faculty, staff and students, clarify misunderstandings, and allow students to petition for the revision or modification of certain decisions/rules/ regulations, all in order to further enhance and improve academic and social life at the university.  

The SLB establishes an ad hoc committee comprised of representatives from all the societies and clubs. The ad-hoc committee conducts individual interviews with students based on a questionnaire. The results of these interviews, with corresponding suggestions, are raised to the appropriate bodies. Follow-ups are done in coordination with the SLO.
Departmental Hall meetings are concerned mainly with academic issues and are mainly organized with the academic departments.
Town Hall meetings are to discuss administrative concerns and whatever may remain unresolved from the Departmental Hall meetings and meetings conducted with the department chairs and deans. Copies of the minutes of the Town Hall and Departmental Hall meetings are sent to the Cabinet.
Town Hall meetings are moderated by the SLB ad hoc committee chairperson. Departmental Hall meetings are moderated by the chairpersons of the respective societies.  Alongside these meetings and petitions, students may raise their concerns through the anonymous “Course and Faculty
Evaluation” forms, which students are asked to complete at the end of each semester. This form is intended to provide feedback to the administration and Deans on individual teachers’ courses and teaching methods.











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