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These Guidelines are to be followed by all clubs, teams and societies, unless otherwise specified by the SLO.

• HU students with a minimum cumulative average of 70 are entitled to join the clubs, societies and sports teams.
• All co-curricular activities start in early October and last till June. 
• The jurisdiction of the clubs and societies and their members falls within the perimeters of the university unless otherwise specified by the SLO.
• The clubs and societies meet on a weekly basis to discuss, prepare and organize new activities.
• The societies are more major-oriented and have an academic profile.
• Every club and society is expected to organize its own events and activities avoiding conflicts and overlap.
• In early October every club and society meets in the presence of an SLO member in a general assembly, elects a Student Life representative, a chairperson, a secretary, a bookkeeper and an advertiser from among the old students,
• During early November, the SLO organizes an intensive workshop for chairs, representatives and secretaries, bookkeepers and advertisers.
• All club and society meetings are held at HU, unless otherwise specified and approved by the SLO.
• No member of a club or society can hold two positions in the club/society unless otherwise decided by the SLO.
• Graduates may participate or join in any sports team or club for one year after graduation.
• Clubs or societies that does not organize public events within 2 months will be warned. If a club continues to be inactive, it will be suspended.
• Training sessions and club/society meetings do not excuse students from attending classes.
• During midterms and exams, sports sessions and activities are reduced according to the request of the students in coordination with the SLO.
• The sports teams should elect a Student Life Representative and a Contact person, who keeps in touch with the players and passes on necessary information prior to the practice sessions and games.
• All club/team/society or ad hoc committees should reflect the Student Life values and present an exemplary image to the members.



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