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Prime Minister of Armenia, H.E. Karen Karapetyan pays visit to Haigazian University

Mar, 14
Prime Minister of Armenia, H.E. Karen Karapetyan pays visit to Haigazian University

Beirut, 14/03/18- On Tuesday the 13th of March 2018, Armenian Prime Minister, Karen Karapetyan, heading a high ranking ministerial and economic delegation, visited Haigazian University, where he had the chance to address its students, faculty and staff members.

Karapetyan, who was on a two-day official visit to Lebanon, had conducted extensive meetings with the Lebanon’s President of the Republic, President of the Council of Ministers, Speaker of the Parliament, in addition to governmental officials and representatives of the Lebanese and Armenian communities. All talks reportedly covered the bilateral ties between the two countries, to give new impetus to deepening the mutual cooperation on all levels of the economy.

The delegation included Minister of Economic Development and Investments, Souren Karayan, Minister of Diaspora, Hranoush Hakobyan, Minister of Territorial Administration and Development, David Lokyan, Minister of Agriculture, Ignati Arakelyan, Deputy Foreign Minister, Armen Papikyan, Deputy Minister of Energy Infrastructures and Natural Resources, Hayk Haroutyounian, Ambassador at Large, Levon Sargsyan, and Ambassador of Armenia to Lebanon, Samvel Mkrtchyan. They were welcomed by University President, Rev. Dr. Paul Haidostian, Board Members, Deans, Department Chairs and Administrators.

After a quick tour of the campus through the Philibosian, Mehagian and Heritage buildings, where Karapetyan and his delegation were warmly greeted by a few hundred students, they proceeded to the Mugar building for the official part of the visit.

In his word of greetings, President Haidostian highly valued the developing relations between Lebanon and Armenia, focusing on the education of the young generations for the future development of both countries.

In his address, Karapetyan expressed his gratitude to the Lebanese-Armenian Diaspora in sustaining the strong and distinctive ties between the two countries. He highly lauded the well-entrenched and deep-rooted historical relations, and earnestly encouraged to join efforts to further foster the cooperation in the business, academic, cultural and touristic fields. He expressed his appreciation for the critical role Haigazian University plays in many respects.

On this unique occasion, President Haidostian presented Karapetyan with the University’s special plaque of recognition, while the latter offered special collection of coins made by Armenian cross-stones, issued by the Central Bank of the Republic of Armenia and signed in the Golden Book of Haigazian, registering words of appreciation.

It is worth noting, that renowned Lebanese-Armenian Painter and Sculptor, Raffi Yedalian, had prepared a special exhibition of his paintings and sculptures to mark this occasion. The artist offered the Prime Minister a Limited Edition Stamp of the Vatican City, representing his painting of Blessed Ignatius Maloyan.

Mira Yardemian
PR Director