Haigazian University

The Student Life Office (SLO), a family workplace and the nerve center of student well-being, is the motherboard of student Co-curricular activities and the coordination center of all on- and off-campus student activities.

The SLO is a conglomerate of three offices:

The Director of Student Life (Philibosian Student Center, 206)
The Student Activities Coordinator (Philibosian Student Center, 201)
The Sports Coordinator (Philibosian Student Center, roof floor, 402

They are in charge of the Student Life Committee (SLC) and the Co-curricular and sports activities. Their task is to seek implementation of the SLC undertakings, as well as realization of the aims and objectives of Student Life at Haigazian University.

The Student Life Office is in charge of the disciplinary, non-academic and sports affairs of the students, including insurance and security concerns, the issuing of student IDs, the publication of the University Yearbook and the Student Hand-book, the supervision of the cafeteria and other service facilities, like the mailboxes, as well as visitors, postings, and outdoor announcements. The Student Life Office may undertake certain other activities/actions in cooperation with the Deans, relevant instructors and/or staff.

The Student Life Office is a key factor in building students’ strengths and helping to overcome their weaknesses while developing a healthy, balanced generation of well-prepared youth, in response to the ever challenging future.

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