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Continuing Education

The Center for Continuing Education at Haigazian University began with one training course for school teachers in October 1993 — the beginning of the In-service Teacher Training Program. The Adult Education Program started in 1996 with a variety of evening training classes in business, computers, and general interest topics.

Learning throughout one’s life is of great importance in the rapidly changing world of the 21st century. The CCE at Haigazian University gives adults the opportunity to acquire new knowledge and skills through two programs:

  • Adult Education Program
  • In-service Teacher Training Program.

N.B. Center for Continuing Education training courses, programs, and workshops are separate from the regular bachelor’s and master’s degree programs of Haigazian University.

Vision of the CCE

The Center for Continuing Education, a division of Haigazian University, will serve the Middle East region by providing high-quality, relevant educational opportunities that enrich the personal and professional lives of adults.


The Center for Continuing Education is a division of Haigazian University. The CCE promotes on-going learning for adults by providing accessible educational opportunities. The guided learning experiences include programs, training courses, workshops, and lectures, both academic and non-academic.

The Center for Continuing Education serves individual learners from youth to mature citizens who are from diverse backgrounds. It also serves a variety of organizations (private and public, for-profit and not-for-profit), and schools.

The CCE, in an interactive learning environment, provides opportunities for adults to update themselves or to learn new knowledge, skills, and attitudes so as to enhance their careers and/or develop personally and as members of society, through its two major sections: Adult Education Program (AEP) and In-Service Teacher Training Program (TTP).


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Supervisor of Continuing Education: Mr. Christopher Kijilian