Haigazian University

Research at Haigazian University has several basic routes:

Many HU faculty do research and publish their papers in renowned journals.

Researchers visit the Derian Armenological Library of the university to do research on Armenian topics and issues as the library has one of the largest collections of Armenian books in the MENA region.

As part of its research endeavors, the University has been publishing its yearly periodical the Haigazian Armenological Review (HAR) since 1970. Armenian and non-Armenian scholars contribute and submit their research papers to Review from all corners of the world. The periodical publishes articles in Armenian, Arabic, English and French.

Alongside the HAR, the Armenian Diaspora Research Center organizes yearly conferences shedding light on different Armenian communities of the Middle East. International scholars and experts participate in these two to three-day conferences. The proceedings are published separately in volumes dedicated to the study of a given Armenian community in a particular Middle Eastern state.

The Haigazian University Press is another scientific venue for publication. The HU Press has so far published research works of scholars and scientists from as far as the USA dedicated to Armenian studies.

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Research Handbook