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Student Resources and Services

A great education extends beyond the classroom. At HU, we support your success with counseling services, academic advising, student orientation and a lot more that are listed below.

Academic Support

Academic Advising


Academic advising reflects the institution’s commitment to provide individualized attention that supports each student’s educational and career goals. Special students are advised by the Admissions Office; all other students are advised by the Directors, Chairs, or Faculty within the student’s area of specialization.

Health & Personal Wellness



The Counseling Center at Haigazian University is located on the second floor (room 201) of the College Building. The main task of this center is to facilitate students’ educational, social and personal development through the offering of a variety of counseling services to individual students and groups. The counselor can help students in areas of decision-making, problem solution, crisis intervention, college adjustment and many others. More specifically, the counselor can discuss future careers, major-related issues, academic concerns, time management problems, personal matters, relational concerns, and educational as well as other important concerns. All the counseling services are offered in a nonjudgmental and strictly confidential environment. None of the information shared during the counseling or consultation sessions is shared with any other individual.

Fitness Center


The Fitness Center is located on the roof of the Philibossian Student Center and offers students the opportunity to improve their physical fitness. It is equipped with a number of fitness devices such as, Seated Calf, Free Bench, Flat Bench, Incline Bench, Treadmill, Rotation Bench, Dumbbells and full workout machines. It is open to students from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. weekdays.



HU students are covered 24/7 against accident-related/physical mishaps. This insurance policy is registered on every student’s University ID card. For troubleshooting students may contact the Student Life Office or dial the number printed on the back of the ID card. 
In case of any minor physical injuries on campus, students can find First Aid kits in the following locations:
1. Dormitory: Lobby
2. Mehagian Bldg.: 1st floor corridor, outside the faculty secretary’s office.
3. Mugar Bldg.: Ground floor, right next to the hand punch machine
4. Mehagian Bldg.: 7th floor, Physics lab (room 702)
5. College Bldg.: 1st floor, in the corridor leading to the CCE office.
6. Heritage Bldg.: 3rd floor, in the hall.
7. Security post next to Heritage Bldg.

Social Security and Student Liability


In accordance with Lebanese state law, every HU student who is Lebanese and enrolled in post-Freshman courses is to be registered for Social Security. HU students are covered against health-related/physical mishaps which can occur on university grounds or during university activities. 


Arts & Crafts Hall


This large hall is located on the 7th floor of the College Building, where the Arts & Crafts Club students have their instruction sessions of painting and clay work.



Located at the ground floor of the Mehagian Bld., the Auditorium is the official venue for public lectures and conferences, gatherings. It is used as well for partying purposes, musical exhibitions, power point presentations, and indoor discussion and debates, as well as for theater rehearsals. The Auditorium is used as an exam hall and at certain times as a venue for orientation purposes.



The on-campus cafeteria is located on the second floor of the Philibossian Student Center. It offers quality snacks and a variety of refreshments. The cafeteria and the courtyard snack bar are open from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. weekdays.



A University ID Card is issued to every registered HU student. The ID card is valid for one academic year. New cards are issued at the beginning of every academic year (to old students) and at the beginning of the semester (to new students). HU students should always carry their ID cards, which entitle them to entrance to the campus, usage of the University library and 24/7 insured admittance to hospital in case of accidents or medical emergencies no matter where the accident/emergency happens. A fee of 5,000 LL. is charged for a duplicate ID. Students are photographed for their University ID Card in the Philibossian Student Center, 1st floor, unless otherwise specified.

Lost and Found


Students should inquire for items they may have lost on campus at the SLO, first floor, Philibossian Student Center. Students are expected to give any items they find within the University compound to the SLO. From the time an item is found, the student has 2 weeks maximum to claim it.

Media Center


The Media Center (MC) is located at the basement of the Aharonian Building . The MC is used as a classroom and a lecture hall with a capacity to host a seated audience of 100 guests. It is used for student workshops, gatherings, assemblies and meetings, as well for theater rehearsals.

Meeting Venues


Several large and small rooms, places and corners have been established for the university clubs and societies to meet, plan and discuss about their activities. These include the Student Life Committee Meeting Hall (Philibosian Student Center, 109), the Student Lounge (Philibosian Student Center, 2nd floor), and its extended rooms.

Roof Sports Hall


The Philibossian Student Center Roof features a large hall where students may play table tennis or chess, chat and hold discussions, as long as no Student Life activity or practice session is scheduled at that particular time. The Dance Club, as well as the Table Tennis and Martial Arts teams, practice in the Roof Sports Hall.

Student Lounge


The Student Lounge (where students may sit, chat, read, study, watch TV/DVDs, and feel at home) is located on the first floor of the Philibossian Student Center. It is also a place where one may relax with games such as chess, backgammon, etc.



Students can call, fax, and send personal mail through the receptionist’s office (ground floor, Philibossian Student Center). Every student is entitled to a private mailbox through which he/she can receive administrative, local and foreign mail.
The mailroom is located in the lobby of the College Building. To receive mail, students should add their mailbox number to the university’s P.O. Box number (i.e. P.O.Box: 11-1748/[Box#], Riad El Solh 1107 2090, Beirut, Lebanon).
Students receive their mailbox key from the SLO (first floor, Philibossian Student Center). Mailbox keys are returned to the SLO upon withdrawal/dismissal/graduation from the University. A fee of 5,000 LL is charged for a duplicate key.

Job Placement Office


The Job Placement Office in Haigazian University supports the academic goals of the university through its programs and services. We help students and alumni gain practical experience and prepare for today’s competitive job market. With personalized advisement we strive to help our students and alumni become more marketable and reach their career goals.
The goal of the Placement Office is to assist graduating students and alumni in securing employment according to their academic values, interests, and competencies.
Our primary role is to provide students with career planning, internship opportunities and job placement services designed to equip them with skills and strategies to contribute to their career success.

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