Haigazian University


President’s Message

After each festive graduation ceremony at the end of the academic year, I get the chance to meet a number of graduates who visit my office. One of the most common questions I ask them is: “What did your family think was special at Commencement”, expecting some to praise the pomp and circumstance entrance of the faculty and graduating class, or the well-prepared and well-executed program, or the meaningful words spoken on that occasion.   However, in most cases the graduate says, “My family and I were most moved when my name was announced!”

Truly, even though any university’s mission includes the widening of horizons and the deepening of a universal understanding, there remains one focal truth: every student’s name.  The value of the person, the particularity of the individual, the distinct accomplishment of each graduate, the result of hard work, the parental hopes, the fruits of the whole united academic community for the enrichment of the name of each student.

One’s name should encapsulate value, honor, and authenticity.  Each time a name is given positively, at home, in school, in society, or at work, a degree is added to the person.   When the name of an incoming student is given, it has much potential and promise. But when a name is given at graduation, the promise would have turned into fulfilment and honor.  And in this way, life progresses and names receive more meaning and recognition.

Haigazian University aspires to be the place where the name of a student develops into a testimony of continual learning, thinking, communicating, cooperating, serving, believing, and constructing.

 I welcome you all to Haigazian University’s academic microcosm, in the realization of our Creator’s infinite macrocosm in which there are many names and a Name above all names.

Make the best of your name and your time with us.  We are here to help you hear the pronouncement of your name in the most eloquent way possible.

Rev. Paul Haidostian, Ph.D.