Haigazian University


Tuition & Fees

Being a non-profit institution of higher learning, Haigazian University aspires to offer quality education at fair and affordable prices. The following list of tuition and fees (Undergraduate and Graduate) reflect this orientation. Tuition will always be at the rate which is current for the program in which students are enrolled, regardless of the number of courses. Students must complete their financial arrangements no later than the beginning of each term. Tuition and other fees are due and payable at the time of registration and before the end of the semester. All relevant fees are applicable to graduate students. The University allows registered students to pay their tuition in installments. The student has to read and sign the form “Request for payment by installment, a Declaration and Undertaking”. The dates of the installments are predetermined and should be done prior to the due date to avoid payment of a penalty of LBP100,000 per day on non- fresh tuition and US$3 per day on fresh tuition. All tuition and fees are evaluated annually at the discretion of the University administration in order to be up to date with current market and academic rates. Some fees and rates might change without prior notice.

For academic year 2023-2024 starting Fall semester, tuition will be paid as follows:

  • Undergraduate tuition at 50% fresh USD and 50% USD at the rate of 15000 to the LBP in cash.
  • Graduate tuition at 60% fresh USD and 40% USD at the rate of 15000 to the LBP in cash.

N.B. The USD to LBP currency exchange rate is based on official announcements by the Central Bank. Any change during the academic year might have an effect on the LBP part of the tuition.

Financial information related to the regular undergraduate and graduate programs do not apply to the Center for Continuing Education.