Haigazian University


Registrar’s and Admissions Offices

The Registrar’s and Admissions Offices are located on the ground floor of the Heritage Building. They are comprised of the main Admissions Office and the offices of the Registrar, the Financial Aid Officer, and the Student Recruiter.


The Registrar’s and Admissions Offices have the following functions:

  • Providing information to prospective students.
  • Receiving applications.
  • Entering data and preparing the files of new applicants.
  • Studying and processing admitted students’ files.
  • Preparing letters of acceptance or rejection.
  • Planning and implementing the registration process.
  • Processing admitted students’ files for registration.
  • Preparing schedule of classes.
  • Preparing class lists.
  • Preparing final exam schedule.
  • Checking graduation requirements.
  • Processing requests for change of major.
  • Providing transcripts.
  • Preparing certificates of enrollment.
  • Preparing statistical reports.
  • Receiving and processing financial aid applications.
  • Updating the University catalog.
  • Preparing the academic calendar.
  • Planning and implementing course and teacher evaluations.
  • Participating in organizing the commencement.


Our mission is to follow through the academic journey of students in Haigazian University from admission to graduation. We carry out our mission and services with utmost professionalism and efficiency in a friendly atmosphere.



Heritage Building
Tel: 01/349 230 Ext: 302
Registrar: Ms. Salpi Jalian