Haigazian University

Nutrition Department Inter-Universities Poster Competition

Dec, 06
Nutrition Department Inter-Universities Poster Competition

For the second consecutive year, Haigazian University hosted the Inter-Universities Impact Poster Competition: Nutrition trends 2018: “Nutrition trends should not be so “trendy”, and event initiated and organized by the Program Coordinator of the Nutrition and Dietetics Sciences Department at Haigazian University, Dr. Sima Hamadeh, and Miss Stephanie Andraos from Auckland University – New Zealand.
This yearly competition primarily aims at better understanding and analyzing evidences supporting marketing campaigns that hugely influence the public, with little to no evidence of the benefits of products promoted.
Teams of students from 8 Universities in Lebanon, majoring in Nutrition and Marketing, competed through their designed posters and by summarizing their findings on their selected topics, critically evaluating and discussing the scientific information and nutrition trends pertaining to it. This year’s topics were: Probiotics, Detox Diets, Food Additives “Rhodamin B”, Gluten Free Products and Diets, Light Products, Food Intolerance Tests, Low Fat Diet, Traditional Food, Eating Disorders and Sarcopenic Obesity.
Posters were evaluated by an eminent jury composed of experts in the fields of Nutrition, Marketing and Communication, and ministries representatives.
The 1st place was secured by the Saint Joseph University team on the topic entitled “Eating Disorders”, whereas the 2nd place was for the Notre Dame University team on “Gluten Free Misconceptions and Diets”, and finally the third place was also earned by another team from the Saint Joseph University on the theme “Light is Not Always Right”.
It is worth noting that the 1st winner poster will be featured on the big screens of Pikasso Levant in Beirut City.

Mira Yardemian
Public Relations Director