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The Adana Massacres An Eyewitness Account Hagop Babiguian Ottoman MP

Jan, 24
The Adana Massacres An Eyewitness Account Hagop Babiguian Ottoman MP

In the last days of 2018 The Haigazian University Press issued Ottoman MP Hagop Babiguian’s full report on the Adana Masssacres translated to English by Dr. A. B. Gureghian.

Alongside this first-ever complete translation the book includes a broad introduction and a number of appendixes concerning Babiguian’s telegrams to his PM, interviews he had on the ship while returning from his mission. The Appendixes include as well a number of discussions on the Adana Court Martial trials and verdicts, the echoes of the Western Press, surveys and data of victims and financial loss, Turkish Penal Code 301 and the European Human Rights Court resolutions on Turkey’s Human Rights record in 2010-11.

In a separate section Dr. A. B. Gureghian discusses and proves the involvement of the state in the Adana Massacres.

The book is enriched by a list of literature for further reading as well as an index.

During 2018 HU Press published the following four books:

Armenians of Syria: Proceedings of the Conference (24-27 May 2015).

Aghop Der-Karabetian, Armenian Ethnic Identity in Context: Empirical and Psychosocial Perspective:

Haigazian Armenological Review, Volume 38.

Hagop Babiguian, The Adana Massacres: An Eyewitness Account, translated and annotated by Dr. A. B. Gureghian, foreword (and Overview) by Dr. A. B. Gureghian.

The above mentioned books can be ordered by contacting the office of the President.