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“Operation Renovation” of the Desert Streams Club: Students Bloomed a School in the Bekaa Area

Apr, 02
“Operation Renovation” of the Desert Streams Club: Students Bloomed a School in the Bekaa Area

Around 40 Haigazian University students dedicated a full weekend in the month of March, renovating a school in the Bekaa region, as part of their “Operation Renovation” project, an annual project initiated and organized by the Desert Streams Club.

Many student volunteers joined the Desert Streams, the humanitarian club at the university, pooling all their efforts towards renovating 15 classrooms and the outer walls of the Al- Mahaba School in Saadnayel, Bekaa.

On the site, students engaged in resolving different problems that the school was undergoing, such as humidity and broken walls. The workshop resulted in colorful paints covering the darkened walls, thus making the classrooms radiate with cheerful colors.

“Driven by the idea that such a surprise will put a smile on every child’s face, and fill his/her heart with joy and happiness, the students invested all their time and effort to finish the makeover in a weekend”, said Assistant Student Life Director, Chukri Charbetji.

“The project which aimed at bringing happiness and better living and learning conditions to those children, equally impacted the lives of Haigazian students with a unique experience of satisfaction and accomplishment”, noted Student Life Director, Razmig Kaprielian.

Expressing his gratitude on the success of the project, University President, Rev. Dr. Paul Haidostian said, “since no University education is complete without developing a sense of social responsibility and compassion, in addition to discovering, building and improving the organizational skills of students, such projects are considered as live examples of fulfilling and actualizing Haigazian University’s motto of Truth, Freedom and Service.”

“Operation Renovation” was realized through the support of the following sponsors: “Al Makhazen – COOP”, “Tinol Paints”, and “Wassef Sinno Trading”.

Mira Yardemian
Public Relations Director