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Haigazian University Students Spend their Summer in Service of Others

Jul, 05
Haigazian University Students Spend their Summer in Service of Others

In line with Haigazian University motto “Truth, Freedom and Service”, a group of Haigazian students spent part of their summer in service of other communities, namely in France and Artsakh.

A group of eleven Spiritual Life students, led by the University Campus Minister, Rev.Wilbert Van Saan, enjoyed a week of enriching and multi-national spiritual experience in the Taizé Community, in Burgundy-France. The Taizé ecumenical monastic community, composed of around 100 brothers from various denominations and nations, receives more than 100,000 young people from around the world for spiritual retreats.
Students attended the daily morning, noon and evening prayers, characterized by the Taizé songs and times of silence. They also took part in Bible study groups and workshops on Christian-Muslim relations. They also significantly contributed to the community by working in the cafeteria, the church, cleaning teams and food lines.
The weeklong retreat was concluded with a two-day trip to Paris.

In the same spirit of service, and under the theme of “Building Bridges with Artsakh”, a delegation of eight students from the Heritage Club of the University, led by Student Life Director, Mr. Razmig Kaprielian, had an inspiring week in the Republic of Artsakh.
The project aimed at providing the Artsakh State University with 1000 books, thus building a mutual cooperation and cultural exchange between the two universities.
During their stay, the delegation visited several historic sites and museums, and had the chance to meet with the Artsakh ministers of Foreign Affairs, Education-Science and Sports, as well as Culture-Youth Affairs and Tourism.

Mira Yardemian
Public Relations Director