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Highlight on the Volumes dedicated to Armenians of Syria and Jordan

Oct, 07
Highlight on the Volumes dedicated to Armenians of Syria and Jordan

On Wednesday, October 2, the Haigazian University-based Armenian Diaspora Research Center (ADRC) launched its latest two books: Armenians of Syria & Armenians of Jordan, published by the HU Press.
In his opening words ADRC director Dr. Antranik Dakessian welcomed the public and noted that the two books highlight new features and aspects, give new depth to the academic knowledge of these two communities and further elaborate their identity. Dr. Dakessian thanked all those who have supported the realization of the eleven conferences the ADRC had organized since its inception in 2012.

Mrs. Rosette Alemian-Mahseredjian, director of the publications office at the Union of Armenian Evangelical Churches in the Near East, presented the proceedings of the Syria Conference. Mahseredjian reminisced the days of May 2015. She noted that during commemorations of the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, Aleppo, the main gate of the post-Genocide Armenian Diaspora and the Syrian Armenian community in general were facing the survival challenge. “During those days,” Mahseredjian continued, “Haigazian University organized the conference on Armenians of Syria, which alongside the other activities on the occasion, transformed the event into a cultural festival dedicated to Syria.” Mahseredjian considered the book “a small encyclopedia” and appreciated the mission of Haigazian University.

The proceedings of the Conference on Armenians of Jordan was presented by Mr. Harout Chekidjian, a native Lebanese Armenian who had worked in Amman during the 1970s. Chekidjian considered the volume on Armenians of Jordan “a valuable achievement and a foundation for further in-depth studies of the Jordan Armenian community.”
In his closing remarks, Haigazian University president, Rev. Dr. Paul Haidostian thanked all the participants and contributors for their academic input in the history of the Armenian Diaspora and noted that work is in progress for the publication of other volumes, and the organization of the May 2020 conference dedicated to the Armenians of the Gulf. He added, “history never stops but we need to take a break, step back for a moment to assess and evaluate, draw conclusions and make use of the experience for the wellbeing of future Diaspora communities.”