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Letter dated December 23, 2019, from President Haidostian to Students

Jan, 09
Letter dated December 23, 2019, from President Haidostian to Students

Dear Students,

Today you formally completed the First Semester of AY2019-2020. An accomplishment that otherwise would have been considered as simple and routine, yet in this case is a noteworthy milestone indeed. With the faculty and staff, I salute you and hope that the Christmas/New Year holiday season, extending till the start of the Second Semester on January 15, 2020, will be an opportunity to catch your breath and return refreshed.

The past two months were not easy for you, as you, alongside the general public, were hoping and will still hope that Lebanon would evolve into what we all toil for, an elevated stature, a sustainable economy, a government that has the common good as its main focus, public services that satisfy the basics of human need, a system of accountability, a society of high morality and unifying civic consciousness, a space for genuine spirituality and dialogue, and much more. At the same time, despite many interruptions and multiple concerns and economic pressures, you completed the semester with patience and tenacity.

I sincerely hope that you consider your education as one important step towards accomplishing all of our goals and ideals for Lebanon, for your local communities, and for humanity. Your educational experience is a foundation you will build upon in unimaginable ways. Therefore, keep up your efforts with dignity, respect, passion and hope. You are key players not only regarding your future, but also for the future of others. I have personally learnt much from you these past months and hope that the same community spirit at HU will flourish and empower us further.

The year 2020 is Haigazian University’s 65th anniversary. We will continue to support your educational needs as best as we can, and move ahead beyond the anniversary with a renewed vision.

My prayer for you this season is to enjoy a sense of peace of heart and mind, and may your peace impress others around you with the love of God Almighty.