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Producer/Director Nigol Bezjian’s Archives at Haigazian University

Jun, 25
Producer/Director Nigol Bezjian’s Archives at Haigazian University

On April 27, 2020, the Derian Armenological Library of Haigazian University was enriched with the archives of the well-known film producer and director, Nigol Bezjian.

In his letter addressed to the President, Rev. Haidostian, he writes, “When I moved to Lebanon in the spring of 1997, the Armenological Library became my second home. And for all the films I produced after that year, I greatly benefited from its rich collection. Moreover, the Bezjian family has had close relations with the Armenian Evangelical Church since the 19th century, as one of the founders of Aintab College”.

By gifting his archives to Haigazian University, Bezjian hopes that other centers of Armenian studies will make more efforts to integrate the archives of Armenian intellectuals and artists into their collections.

Nigol Bezjian is the author and producer of more than 20 feature and documentary films, many of which have had screenings at international festivals and competitions.

In the last two decades, Mr. Bezjian has donated numerous books and audiovisual materials to both of Haigazian University’s libraries. Researchers will have access to Nigol Bezjian’s archives according to the agreement made between the donor and Haigazian University.