Haigazian University

Appeal to Friends & Alumni

Aug, 13
Appeal to Friends & Alumni

On August 4, 2020, the Port of Beirut, Lebanon, experienced a devastating explosion that traumatized the city, leaving thousands of people wounded, thousands of buildings damaged, thousands of people homeless, and hundreds of people killed or missing.

Haigazian University has already started to respond to the catastrophe in various ways. From day one, our students and alumni, along with some staff and faculty members, have been on the streets of Beirut as volunteers, cleaning up damaged homes and workplaces, as well as providing food and water to people in the affected neighborhoods. We salute them and thank them. Other initiatives for trauma relief will follow.

The seven buildings of Haigazian University have also borne significant damage from the explosion. Interior walls, ceilings, doors, window frames and panes, just to name a few, have been damaged (78 broken doors, 198 ceiling panels, 189 window panes, 57 window frames and various lab materials and desks). The total loss is estimated to be a minimum of 150,000 USD.

We are counting on you to join with us to restore Haigazian University. It is our duty to maintain strength and keep spirits high, just as we have been doing over the past 65 years in the face of many drastic challenges in the country.

Your support today will not only help us sustain our institution, but also create the forward momentum needed to continue faithfully serving the community with the best academic standards and moral values.

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