Haigazian University

The Tony Asfour Scholarship Fund

Feb, 10
The Tony Asfour Scholarship Fund


On Tuesday, February 8, 2022, a delegation from the Beirut Cosmopolitan Rotary Club, headed by Club President Sona Kourtian, paid a visit to Haigazian University.
The purpose of the visit was to establish the Tony Asfour Scholarship Fund, in favor of needy students.

In his word of gratitude, President Paul Haidostian expressed his thankfulness to the club members present, including the past and incoming president, and fondly talked about the late Tony Asfour who was a pillar of the club, an apt believer in youth and education, and a friend of Haigazian University.

For her part, Ms. Kourtian shared the Rotary values and mission, expressing her pride in cooperating with Haigazian on many levels.

In an emotional speech, Mr. Asfour’s widow, Mary Asfour shared the values Tony has transmitted both to his immediate family and his wider family, the Rotary, expressing her confidence that all members will continue in his footsteps and vision.

This was followed by a period of fellowship and words of remembrance and appreciation.