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An Evening of Remembrance of Late Trustee Dr. Haroutioun Nicolian

Mar, 14
An Evening of Remembrance of Late Trustee Dr. Haroutioun Nicolian

On March 10, 2022, Haigazian University paid tribute to its late trustee, Dr. Haroutioun Nicolian, who lost his battle to Covid-19 last year, during an intimate evening of remembrance which took place in the Mugar hall of the university, and was streamed live on Facebook. On this occasion, a collection of Dr. Nicolian’s artwork was displayed for sale online, proceeds of which to partly benefit the Students Scholarship Fund.

The program opened with the welcoming words of the University’s Public Relations Director, Mrs. Mira Yardemian, who described Dr. Nicolian as a multi-faceted person, embodying the virtues and attributes of a professional physician, artist and intellect.

For this special occasion, renowned writer and art critic Dr. Yervant (Yuri) Der Khachadryan from Armenia spoke about Dr. Nicolian the artist, poet and intellectual, sharing interesting stories and personal experiences.

For his part, President of the University, Rev. Dr. Haidostian shared his thoughts and feelings about Nicolian the person, describing him as a man of unique wit, humor, empathy, and special sense of enthusiasm and readiness.

The artwork for sale is displayed on this link https://bit.ly/3sonR0J
Part of proceeds will benefit the Haigazian University Scholarship Fund.
For more info contact mira@haigazian.edu.lb