Haigazian University

Haigazian University Concluded a Weeklong Workshop on New Methods of Armenian History Education

Oct, 20
Haigazian University Concluded a Weeklong Workshop on New Methods of Armenian History Education

The week-long workshop on new modes and methods of Armenian history education in the Lebanese Armenian schools came to its conclusion on Friday, October 14. It was organized by the Haigazian University-based Armenian Diaspora Research Center in collaboration with the Yerevan-based “Paradigma” Educational Institute (www.paradigma.foundation).

After two days of theoretical and practical sessions, the teachers of Armenian history that had come from the Armenian schools of Lebanon applied these new modes and approaches in their schools.

On the final day of the workshop, the instructors of the workshop simulated a teaching period. This was followed by an extensive and detailed discussion on the challenges this new mode faced, the technical, theoretical, and practical means and resources needed to overcome the difficulties and examined better ways of focused and effective teaching. Furthermore, the importance, timing and details of such workshops were raised.

At the conclusion of the weeklong workshops, the teachers were given boxes, named “History # 5”, which included five different topics related to events of late 19th-early 20th century Armenian history. These tool boxes which also included guidelines, were meant to further enhance the active and interactive mode of history teaching in the classroom.

The participants interacted very positively in a most constructive manner, teaching experiences and thoughts were exchanged, the bond between the teachers was further strengthened, and the necessity to link the students’ knowledge of past events to current issues and draw parallels was further underlined.

After the closure of the workshop, the “Paradigma” professionals Talin Saghdasarian and Nareg Aprahamian, examined future plans with the university authorities.