Haigazian University

Let the Earth Breathe

Oct, 19
Let the Earth Breathe

With the collaboration of the Lebanese Artists Association for Painters and Sculptors (LAAPS), a collective exhibition entitled “Let the Earth Breathe” opened at Haigazian University on Monday the 16th of October.

This unique exhibition that aims to highlight Haigazian University’s responsibility vis a vis the most important ecological issues across the globe in general, and Lebanon in particular, brought together 10 prominent Lebanese artists from the executive committee of the LAAPS, who joined their hands together advocating the care of the endangered environment.

Special thanks to the participants: Michel Rouhana, Zaher El Bizri, Hanaa Abdel Khalek, Fouad Chehab, Afaf Sader, Joseph Faloughi, Mona Jabbour, Khaoula Tfaily, Ruwaida Rafei, and Jacqueline Ohanian.

The exhibition is open to public till October 30th, daily from 10:00 to 5:00 pm.