Haigazian University


Graduate Tuition and Fees

Tuition LBP
Per credit hour 604,000
Auditors per Credit Hour 302,000
Fees LBP
Application for Admission and for Readmission (not refundable) 125,000
Registration for new and readmitted students, not to be credited against tuition and fees (not refundable) 100,000
Reservation Fee (per semester) for continuing students, to be credited against tuition and fees (not refundable) 100,000
Reservation Fee for new students, to be credited against tuition and fees (not refundable) 1,340,000
Change of Major/Emphasis 100,000
Late Registration 100,000
Late Tuition Payment (per day) 10,000
Medical check up for new students 100,000
Personal Accident Insurance * 46,000
Medical Insurance * 127,000
Deposit (to be refunded when students leave the University, provided a request is made within 365 days) 300,000
Yearbook 75,000
Diploma 200,000
Official Transcript 10,000
Student Copy Transcript 5,000
Certificate 5,000
Duplicate key 5,000
Duplicate ID card 5,000
Catalog fee (duplicate copy) 10,000
Degree Certification (three copies) 5,000

* The rates might change during the year

Refund of Tuition & Fees

Students who have to withdraw from the University for justifiable reasons during the first four weeks of the semester are eligible for a tuition refund according to the following:


In the event a student withdraws for justifiable reasons after registration, the following schedule will be applied, for the fall and spring semesters:

During first and second week of classes 100% refund of tuition and fees. During third and fourth week of classes 50% refund of tuition and fees.

If students have received or had their accounts credited with financial aid funds for the semester, these funds will be returned to the appropriate aid funds before any refunds are made to the students. Students who are dismissed or requested to withdraw from the university are subject to the same policies.

Refunds are not made for the summer session.
Students who have pre-registered but fail to complete their registration or attend classes within the first two weeks of the semester, shall be dropped from the University enrollment list for that particular semester.

Delinquent Payment of Tuition:

Haigazian University reserves the right to prevent from attending classes, enrolling to the next semester, refuse a diploma or a transcript to any student or former student who is delinquent in the payment of any promissory note given in payment of any tuition, costs, or fees. Financial holds are placed on the transcripts of students with delinquent accounts, and no transcripts or diplomas will be issued to such students until the holds have been removed. Such students will be reinstated, receive their grades, and have the financial holds removed only when their bills have been paid.