Haigazian University

Joseph Al Agha, Ph.D

Dr. Joseph Al Agha

Professor in Political Science & Intercultural Studies

Department of Political Science

Office: MEH 706

Tel. ext.: 327





Prof. Dr. Joseph Alagha teaches Political Science, Sociology, and Intercultural Studies. Employing the interdisciplinary social sciences and humanities approach (SSH), Alagha published four peer-reviewed university press books, two monographs, three books in Arabic, and more than one hundred fifty refereed publications (mostly Journal Articles, but also Festschriften/Book Chapters; Review essays, academic Book Reviews, Commentaries, Scientific Reports and Policy Briefs) in four languages: English, Dutch, French, and Arabic, but mostly in English. Alagha is a member of https://criticalsocialtheory.com/members/ and is on the International Board of Advisors of https://www.asiainglobalaffairs.in/international-board-of-advisors/.

In brief, as attested by his multidisciplinary publications, Alagha is a subject-matter expert (SME) in four disciplines: (1) Critical Social Theory (Socio-political & cultural theory); (2) Contemporary Islamic Movements: Islamism & post-Islamism; (3) Performance Activism in the Middle East; and (4) Gender-based Violence & Human Rights, especially marital captivity. https://orcid.org/0000-0001-8940-6194

Alagha is academic reviewer for Syracuse UP, Stanford UP,  Edinburgh UP, Routledge (Middle East Studies), The Aga Khan University (Institute for the Study of Muslim Civilisations), Roman & Littlefield, Palgrave Macmillan, & many referred journals such as: Sage’s Contemporary Review of the Middle East & Security Dialogue; Springer’s Performing Islam; Cambridge’s Politics and Religion; Taylor & Francis Terrorism and Political Violence, Islam and Christian-Muslim Relations Journal (ICMR), & Civil Wars; The Middle East Journal (Middle East Institute, Washington D.C.); Wiley’s Journal of Historical Sociology, etc.




Socio-political & cultural theory

Intercultural Studies

Political Theory, International Relations, & Comparative Politics

Contemporary Islamic movements

Sociology of the Arab & Islamicate World



Critical Social Theory

Minorities in the Middle East

Family law, Gender, & violence against women

Islam and popular culture

The performing arts

Philosophy of art and aesthetics

Political mobilization

Islamic movements

Democratization and liberalization processes in the MENA



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Ph.D., Free University of Amsterdam

M.Phil., Leiden University, the Netherlands